Ranji Nagaswami CFA

Bridgewater Associates

Ms. Nagaswami recently joined Bridgewater Associates, LP, an investment firm that manages approximately $130 billion in global investments for a wide array of global institutional clients. Often heralded as the most successful firm in the history of the investment business, Ms. Nagaswami joined Bridgewater to help further adoption of the firm's timeless and universal investment frameworks that have the potential to fundamentally alter investment outcomes for the firm's clients and to join a unique culture that holds as its core deeply considered and lived-by principles of excellence, radical truth and transparency.

Prior to joining Bridgewater Associates, Ms. Nagaswami was Chief Investment Advisor to the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, City of New York. For two years she directed the Mayor's newly formed Office of Pensions and Investments, with responsibility to advise the $120 billion plus New York City Retirement Systems - the largest city municipal system and the 17th largest retirement system in the world - at a time when pension funding and related risks dominated the City's financial agenda. In this role, Ms. Nagaswami led the administration and Trustees in restructuring the strategic policy allocation of the City's pension assets to better balance the System's investment risks across market environments and initiated key governance initiatives. Ms. Nagaswami previously held executive and portfolio management positions at two world class asset management firms: AllianceBernstein L.P. and UBS Asset Management, working in fixed income, value equities, and multi-asset portfolios during her 25+ year investment career. Her assignments steadily progressed from making day-to-day investment decisions to complex leadership roles in challenged businesses.

Ms. Nagaswami is a member of the Yale School of Management Advisory Board and a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute. She was previously a member of the Yale University Investments Committee, trustee of Greenwich Academy, and on the North American Council of Ashoka, a global fellowship of social entrepreneurs. Ms. Nagaswami earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Bombay University in India, a MBA from the Yale School of Management and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

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